shortyknits scottberksHey there! I’m Jessie, but I also go by shortyknits. I live in Chicagoland with my Sweetie and our three boys. Between us, we have three boys – one mine, two his – between the ages of 7 and 13. Our lives mostly revolve around the kids and their sports.

When we’re not on the sidelines, you can usually find us on a path, in the woods, in a park, somewhere out hiking, enjoying nature, and participating in an activity/hobby called geocaching. Since Scott’s first find in 2008 and mine in 2011, geocaching has taken us on some amazing adventures and trips all over the US and Canada. My favorite geocaching story is actually the one of how we met.

Wondering about my geocaching name, shortyknits? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. I’m short, and I knit. I will admit that I don’t knit nearly as much as I used to, but I guess that’s what three kids, a full time job, and this wonderful hobby of geocaching will do. You can see more about my knitting on my Ravelry profile.

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I hope you enjoy the stories, adventures, and tips I share with you. I always welcome feedback, so feel free to send me a quick message.

Do you have a geocaching, outdoor, knitting or some other fun product that you’d like to advertise? Drop me a note at info@shortyknits.com to discuss potential partner opportunities.

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  • Runner up – KURJ 2013 Chicagoland Cacher of the Year
  • Winner of GONIL‘s Cache of the Month for July 2014 – Favorite Holiday Themed Cache – 2014 Egg Hunt
  • Participated in the August 2014 OpenCachingNA Diversified Cacher Contest, earning enough points for 5 entries into the drawing. My numbers were drawn twice, winning a $15 gift certificate to Cache at Night and the 101 Devil Caches book.

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